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The partners who helped

They did me confidence and I'm doing the same, here are my partners that I want to thank here.

ElitWork : Creating dynamic websites

Elitwork website

ElitWork is a company website creation at the forefront of web technologies.

Steve Concept

banner Stece Concept

The website of Steve Concept, site creation, digital imaging, signs ...

Szymkowiak RĂ©mi website

banner szymkowiak website

Here is my personal site. You can find my studies, my experiences, my CV, my leisure, etc...

BBComposer: Editor BBCode integrated with Mozilla Firefox

bbcomposer firefox

The BBComposer is a tool created by ElitWork for easy modification of its sites by customers.

Hotels and restaurants North

hotel restaurant Nord France

This site currently under construction proposes to indicate you a hotel or restaurant in the northern Pas-de-Calais according to many criteria.

W3C : International Standards Web

banner W3C

The W3C is an organization responsible for establishing Web standards. HandyTag designs its sites in total compliance with standards.



HandyTag v2.0

After the rewriting of all the source code, HandyTag comes back in downloading with a code always cleaner and lighter! Soon the end of the "Sand-box" ? Next

Mozilla Add-Ons Workshop

For the first time ever took place a Mozilla Add-Ons Workshop "! Paris had the honor of hosting many developer for this day rich in all respects. Next

HandyTag v1.1

The version 1.1 is released! It updates the search through the site delicious! Next